Jeff Neugebauer

Selected Exhibitions:

Lottie Rose Gallery, Emotions, Berkeley, CA, Aug - Sept 2016

Aspect Gallery, 731 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA, 2010 - 2015

Astra Zenica International Exhibition, San Francisco, Oct - Dec 2014

City of Mill Valley Art Commission Award, Mill Valley, CA, March 2014

Arrivederci Gallery, Visual Storytelling, San Rafael, CA, January 2014

111 Minna Gallery, Group show, San Francisco, CA, Nov 2013

Aspect Gallery, Solo Show, San Francisco, CA, August 2013

Chillin’ Productions 15th Anniversary, San Francisco, June, 2013

Aspect Gallery, Surreal Salon, San Francisco, CA November 2012

Chillin’ Productions 14th Anniversary, San Francisco, June, 2012

Soma Solon @ Million Fishes Gallery, San Francisco, CA, May 2012

Art meets Architecture - Spring Fever 1000, San Francisco, March. 2012

Chillin’ Productions Mezzanine Show, San Francisco, December, 2011

Aspect Gallery Group Show, San Francisco, CA November 2011

Soma Salon @ The Space, San Francisco, CA, August 2011

Wonderland SF, “Wonderland” invitational exhibition, June 2011

NewPark Cultural Center Inaugural Exhibition, San Lorenzo, CA, May 2011

Chillin’ Productions 13th Anniversary, San Francisco, May, 2011

Aspect Gallery, Group Exhibition, San Francisco, CA, April 2011

Aspect Gallery, Surrealism Exhibition, San Francisco, CA, Jan. 2011

Arist Xchange, San Francisco, CA, Realism Exhibition, November 2010

Wonderland SF, “Fantasy Girls” invitational exhibition, September 2010

Room Gallery, 1320 4th Street, San Rafael, CA, April 2010 - Feb 2012

Chillin’ Productions 12th Anniversary, San Francisco, May, 2010

111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, CA, Feb 4 - March 2, 2010

Chillin’ Productions Best of San Francisco, Dec. 2009

Cohen Rese Gallery, Union Square, San Francisco, CA, July 2009 - Jan. 2010

“A New Paradigm”, Private Exhibition, Gallery 560, San Francisco, CA, April 2009

“People”, Ohlone College Art Musem, Fremont, CA, Jan. - Feb. 2009

Chillin’ Productions Best of San Francisco, Dec. 2008

Images of Eyes Gallery Featured Artist, www.imagesofeyes.com, Oct. 2008

Bakersfield Museum of Art, Solo: Renaissance Painter of the Present, Bakersfield CA, Sept.-Oct. 2007

Gallerie Icosahedron, Solo New York, NY, May 2007

"Diverse Expressions”, Marin County Center for the Arts, San Rafael, CA, Nov. 2006 - Jan. 2007

Phillips Gallery, San Jose, Ca, 2005-2006

SpiralWest Gallery, Sausalito, Ca, 2004-2005

One Man Show, Throckmorton Gallery, Mill Valley, Ca, 2004

Pine Street Studio, Sausalito, Ca, 2002-2004

Art in Motion, San Francisco, 1995

Pixels to Paper, San Francisco, 1994

Indians of the SouthWest, Drawing Show, Scottsdale Az, 1992

Arizona Artist Guild Show, Mesa Az, 1990

Tromp l'oeil Pastel challenge, Tempe, Az, 1989

Arizona State University, Graduate show, 1989

5 Senses, Arizona State University, Tempe, Az, 1988

The Warehouse, Bohemian Art Show, Tempe, Az, 1988

Sculpture, It's a Gas, Neon sculpture show, Tempe, Az, 1988

Arizona State University, Student show, Tempe, Az, 1986, 1987, 1988

Selected Awards:

Arizona Artists Guild Show 1990, First Place Drawing

Arizona State University Painting Competition 1988, Purchase Award

Mattel Inc. Toy Design competition, 1987, Fourth Place

Board of Regents Scholarship Award, Arizona State University, 1984

Arizona State Fair 1986, First Place Drawing

Orange County fair 1982, First Place sculpture

I graduated with honors and a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from Arizona State University where I attended on scholarship for academic and artistic merit. I have been drawing since I can remember and can literally draw anything. I usually develop all my concepts straight from my imagination to paper.

I worked as a draftsman / designer through college, drawing images of mechanical devices for Motorola, Kodak and Medtronic. I shared my expertise with others, teaching design at Gateway College in Phoenix, Arizona. In 1993, I founded SpiralWest, a multimedia design firm specializing in animation and graphic design. In 2005, I made a commitment to focus on my passion - painting.

In addition to private collections, my drawings and paintings are in the permanent collections of the Arizona State University Art Museum and the Haarmann Reimer Art Museum, West Germany.

Painting has long been a way to communicate visually, and I also paint to tell stories. Not stories about me or my life but stories about "being" and consciousness. It's my commentary on the human condition, complexities, and truths. It's a way for me to re-record a spirituality that has been lost in the collective ego of humankind. I try to paint pictures that quietly speak volumes - and speak by themselves. If I'm successful, an image starts with a certain universe beyond me and ends by joining or awakening that universe in you.

At first glance you see a painting. Some are beautiful, some unusual. Hopefully, I can capture your attention just long enough for the story to start unfolding. I don't expect you, the viewer, to "come into my world" in order to understand and appreciate my images. On the contrary, I try to make my paintings "outwardly expressive" or "reflective" meaning many people will see or feel themselves in it.

The finished paintings you look at have had quite a journey from concept to completion. I usually begin every painting with some kind of thought or idea that I feel is worth thinking about. Then I sketch variations of the idea until I formulate an image that will best support the concept. Some images will be developed in a moment of inspiration while others may take many years.

I prefer to use the human form to convey my ideas for many reasons. The figure is extremely expressive - the way the face, eyes, and hands look or the tension in the body. And the pose, position and situation that the subject figure is in can provide more precise information about the story I'm trying to express.

For me, precision is very important in order to do my story telling well, I've worked hard to learn from the greatest visual story tellers - Rubens, Titian, Rembrandt, Carravaggio and so many other great painters. I continue my endeavor to learn how to draw and paint so that I can be true to what I have to say and to say it as eloquently as possible. My technique has been adopted from Renaissance Masters because it has proven to stand the test of time and yields beautiful final results that utilize the oil paint in the best possible way.

I learn from every painting and each one is an ongoing attempt to balance the technical, conceptual, and aesthetic combining them with creativity, precision, and depth. Thanks for your interest.