Tanning the White Line

This solo endeavor was truly SOLO. All the songs were written by me, composed, performed, engineered etc. I don’t consider myself a great musician but thank God for computers - with lots of late, late nights and patience, I completed this album. The downloads are free but for the best quality, please buy the CD.

1. My Name Is Romeo

2. Ruby Slippers

3. Breathe You In

4. Angels Floating Around in Circles

5. Imaginary Butler

6. Roses in Her Head

7. Endless Sky

8. Kyla's Lullabye

9. Lose Control

10. Someone Else's Voice

11. Love Coma

  1. 12.Tomorrow

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About my music

I’ve always enjoyed playing music. When I got into high school, I learned to play guitar and began writing songs soon after. I would record onto a cassette and then overdub by playing the recording and singing or playing along while recording onto another cassette. These original recordings were hissy and although I still have them, they’re really embarrassing. I eventually bought a 4-track reel-to-reel deck and slowly the recordings improved. Today, with so much digital recording technology available, I’m amazed at the quality that can be achieved. However, learning to write “decent” songs has took a long time and a lot of learning.

By the time I was in college, I joined the band Manic-N and wrote, sang, recorded and played the Phoenix club scene for nearly 4 years. Manic-N won Soundboard Magazine’s “Hottest New Band of the Year”. I learned to play lots of other instruments during that time - like drums, bass, banjo, and keyboards.

The songs I record are written, composed and performed entirely by me. I record for fun but I also hope my music can touch others in some way. Please download the songs here, share them with your family or friends and enjoy them. They are free, but if you like what you hear, I would appreciate your comments or better yet, purchase my CD at CD-Baby.

Peace, Anti-war, Protest Music & Animation

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Tanning the White Line ~ Free mp3’s 

My second solo album - Yes the picture is me with ABS! Not quite like that anymore...

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